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Msg: 1 Subject: Application To Be A Green Bay Packer Fan Application to become a Green Bay Packer Fan Name:______________ CB Handle:___________ Neck shade: ___ Light Red ___ Medium Red ___ Dark Red Number of teeth in exposed full grin: (Neither can exceed 3) Upper______ Lower______ Mobile home color: ___ Two-tone, brown & white ___ Two-tone pink & white ___ Faded green Model of Pickup Truck:____________ Size of Tires:__________________ Length of right leg:______________ Length of left leg:_______________ Note: To be accepted, you must be honest and you must be able to check at least 20 items from the questions below. Note that good Packer fans can sometimes check many answers for some of the questions. 1. I am in love with: ___ My right hand ___ My left hand ___ Both hands 2. My favorite music: ___ Country ___ Western ___ Anything played on the accordian 3. My favorite meal: ___ Head cheese & Old Milwaukee ___ Venison sausage and Old Milwaukee ___ Cheese curds and Old Milwaukee 4. Preferred weapon: ___ 12 Gauge ___ Tire Iron ___ Forehead ___ Chain Saw ___ Ice Auger 5. Primary auto: ___ '67 Ford Galaxy ___ '67 Ford Galaxy with transmission ___ '67 Ford Galaxy with '73 Impala Tranny ___ '67 Ford Galaxy w/'73 Impala Tranny and '71 Buick Wagon Engine 6. I usually greet people by saying: ___ Ya hey dare ___ Dem Packers is playing like a bunch a old women ___ Dey shouls take da whole bunch a dem der Madison liberals and just lineem up and shootem 7. I can count to: ___ 10 ___ 20 (If I take me boots off) ___ 21 (If I'm neked!) 8. I bought part of the "frozen Tundra" ___ Yes ___ No... but I wish I woulda 9. Favorite Reading: ___ Fishin Facts ___ Beer bottle labels ___ Guns and Ammo ___ Today's Mercenary ___ Polka Digest 10. Things in my front yard: ___ Various kitchen appliances ___ Car on blocks ___ Transmissions ___ Deer hanging from tree limb (in season) ___ Deer hanging from tree limb (out of season) 11. I mostly wear: ___ Polyester pants w/ snags ___ Polyester pants w/ holes ___ Green Bay belt Buckle 12. My favorite colors are: ___ Green ___ Gold ___ I'm color blind.....except when I got me beer goggles on!! 13. The most memorable event I ever attended was: ___ Minoqua Moose Call competition ___ Omega Outboard motor repair finals ___ Lake Tomahwk Crew cut championships 14. Favorite entertainment: ___ Fishin while drinkin ___ Snowmobilin while drinkin ___ Watching Green Acres while Drinkin 15. Pick one: ___ Someone is helping me read this ___ Someone is reading this for me. 16. Favorite phraze: ___ "Gollee jeez." ___ "Ya d-o-n't seh?" ("You don't say?") ___ "Ya betcha." ___ "Okee-dohkee."

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