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Msg: 1 Subject: Advantages of Being Abducted By Aliens TOP TEN ADVANTAGES OF BEING ABDUCTED BY ALIENS 10 - Gets you booked as a guest on Jerry Springer's talk show. 9 - Gives you a few days off school. 8 - Provides a lame joke or two for David Letterman. 7 - They don't care if you smoke on board the ship... hell, you can catch on fire for all they care. 6 - Free surgery. 5 - You can pretend you're Captain Kirk when you arrive on the mothership. 4 - Opportunity to try out those Klingon verbs you've been studying. 3 - It's still better than a trip to the dentist. 2 - Gets your picture in the Weekly World News. 1 - Free implants.

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