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dear delilah, *Recently, during sex with my boyfriend something very embarrassing happened. After a number of orgasms, a sudden gush of air escaped from my vagina making a very loud sound. This has never happened to me before. * *Why did this happen, and how can I keep it from happening again? My boyfriend was very understanding the first time, but we both agreed that it was kind of disgusting.* * Sincerely,* *Whoopi * dear whoopi, What you're describing are called vaginal farts (for lack of a better term). They occur when air gets into your vaginal passage and becomes trapped around the head of the penis during intercourse. Condoms can exacerbate the "farts" because of the extra friction created by the latex. If you use condoms, make sure they're lubricated or that you put some extra lubrication on your partner's penis before you put the condom on. Vaginal farts tend to happen during sex in particular positions where it's more likely that air will get trapped. So, if you remember what position you were in before they happened, you can try avoiding it for awhile to spare the embarrassment. Your other option is to come up with a really funny joke to tell when it happens to distract attention from the noise. This works for many women -- humor is a great tool for diffusing potentially compromising situations. [-- love delilah]

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