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Msg: 1 Subject: American FAQs About Canada American FAQs About Canada 1. Now where are you guys exactly? We're above you or as geographic scientists like to say, north of you. We share the longest undefended border in the world with you. Something we prefer not to tell people in Montana for obvious reasons. 2. What the heck is a province anway? No one knows exactly. Some people think it's a political division something like your states, others feel it is another word for "Sovereign nation" and still others think it's part of southern France. 3. What's a prime minister? It's a large piece of beef shaped like an Anglican deacon often served in Toronto steak houses. 4. I read an article that said Canadians were just basically Americans with less money and personality. That's about right, but you forgot much smaller butts and slightly larger brains. 5. Who lives in the Northwest Territories and where are they exactly? We have no idea. 6. Does everyone in Canada practice bilingualism? Isn't that a bit personal? (Would you like to meet in a chat room later?) 7. Is it true that Welland is considered the armpit of Canada? Yes. 8. Can you explain Canada's system of government, including the role of the Senate? Not right now, I'm kind of tired. 9. Is it cold up there all the time? Yes. Especially in July in Windsor. Make sure you wear heavy wool underwear when you visit.

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