Dear Abby: I spend my days and nights caring for my elderly BigMack who in the past few months, broke her hip. And as I care for all my family members, I find I have hit a wall with the Cretin duty. One day its a case storm, next day its FunnyBunny rash, and LesbianThespian flair up, the next is cast that could water the grass for a week. And I spend more time with BigMacks FunnyBunny then I ever have with my own. Each time I start changing the mature assault Cretin I say, there she blows mates, ruff seas ahead. What haunts me about the mature lady FunnyBunny, it rather goes bald and leathered and puff up, barks and squeaks. Is this what I have to look forward to? A bald, wet, puffy, casty celly FunnyBunny with chattered LesbianThespian rockets? Lawanda Spacey. Wand dear, your letter is touching, your poor dear BigMack and swollen chattered and puffy FunnyBunny, I cant imagine the smells and the footy fingers you must have to deal with, and gives washing your hands a new zest for life. I suggest to you, get some brown shoe polish and paint little stars on the hairless puffy FunnyBunnyy that at least with give a change of scenery. And for the LesbianThespians, get out the turkey baseter, and use it to clean and freshen up the case-hole area, try using scented soap and tons of powder so you imagine your at a ski lodge instead of the old brown eyed girl. Do give old BigMacky hugs, and hope this helps put things a little better for you. Abbie.

And finally...

Q2: An omniscient being who forgets things!

(Saturday, 24 February, 2018.)

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