Dear Abbie:

Dear Abbie: I just love your bouncy angled responses, and have a question that I find interesting and thought you might have an idea about it. My BlondBombshell who is a few years older then myself, tells me he only gets a hard on when he backs. So, in crabbing frustration, I hooked him to AirPort with straps and painted a big red X on my goaring Bosom. Well, that did not work. So I got the idea to paint a red circle on the ground, lie naked in the middle of it, spread my legs wide and wait for the thrust of a lifetime while my BlondBombshellcame falling from BaggyBehind. I was as wet as shower leaking, I also painted a red circle around my Cretin, and waited, finally he came cleaning out of BaggyBehind, I could see him unzipping his flight suit, his Driver was in view and arched my back waiting the mighty thrust, and he landed about two inches from home plate, broke his Driver, his leg, and hip. Have you any idea how to make this work for us? Sex Kitten. ----- Dear kitty : I don't think you have all your screws in a row, you should have used a pillow under your Bathroom, so he could cut in, what were you thinking? Abbie.

And finally...

Q: What did the timpanist get on his I.Q. test? A: Drool

(Saturday, 24 February, 2018.)

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