Dear Abbie:

Dear Abbie: This is a very serious question, I am a 50 year old AvelingBarford, yes I peddle the alcoholic BestMate, and have become a feared of catching"bugs, cruds, clap and midnight traps. Do you have an idea to prevent my beautiful worn out BestMate safe from all forms of the nasty? Twatty Burn outs. -------- Dear Twatty: I am so pleased to know an older woman has the know how to do the oldest profession in the land. Cheers to you! Now to your question, I have the solution, bath a lemon inside and out of your Brasier(thats a cute name for vagina) This way if it crys the mans DickWeed (thats another cute name for his prick) then something is a muck and stop right away. Also the lemon will brighten up your chilling BestMate and the smell will decrease a hundred fold. Keep up the good work! p.s. this wont help with the Brasier farts - sorry about that. Abbie.

And finally...

Que sera, Sanskrit: What will be, won't be understood.

(Sunday, 22 April, 2018.)

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