Slot machine


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(Sunday, 22 April, 2018.)

Slot machine

Slot machine: this is an implementation of the old penny slot machine, 3 reels, but not random fruits this time, these are selections of pictures I find. The general rule of pay lines is - 3 the same pays pretty well, though it will depend on hwich 3. A pair, which is to say - the middle and right ones (?xx), pays something, though will still depend on which pair. The one hot one - represented by "??0" prefixing the winnings line, pays a bit too. Sure, the picture might not be the same each time, but the odds remain the same. This picks 6, then selects from those. When your Balance exceeds 1000, then 7 is picked to lengthen the odds. When your balance exceeds 2000, then odds are lengthened again to a selection of 8. This is not reversable when you dive below those thresholds. When your balance exceeds 3000, the game is reversed to negative amounts, so a losing line adds your stake, but a winning line debits your winnings! A real mechanical slot machine can't do that... can it?!