Instructions: 0: You came to The taxi Rank. next left is United FC. next right is Anita tea rooms.
You have 100 in the tank.

Try other areas to work:Yorton The Airport

(Sunday, 22 April, 2018.)


You have just taken a job as a cab driver, your job is as follows. to get the hang of the way round the town, this may involve you doing the "knowledge" which is simply to drive round without trying to pick up fares till you know where all the places are and the quickest way to get to them.

You are given a loan of 150 to get you going, this is for 100 units of fuel and a cash float of 50. It costs one unit of fuel for each turn when driving around, it costs another point each time you call up control for a fare to pick up, this is added to your bill at the end. You are not offered the same fare twice, if you miss it and someone else takes it, you call up again for a new one and make sure you remember at least where the fare is to be picked up from, you get reminders of where they are going once you have them in the cab.

There are some points to remember about the likely fares in this town, the first is that if you go to a call, it is a higher fare than if you pick up when being flagged down in the street. It is an average that about 20% give a tip, it is also symptomatic of the crime in this town that about 5% will rob you. It is also worth noting that if you drive around long enough to do the late shift, that the level of tips and crime both rise!

Don't forget to refuel when you are at the filling station, it costs 50 to get towed in so check the fuel level. Good Look! you'll need it.