This is a service. This is to offer an email-free, time independent means of leaving messages between individuals or small groups. The idea is for one to create a new list where the name can be a short phrase that only you and they will know, so that it cannot or will not be guessed by casual outsiders. If two or more persons are online at the same time, it could be like a chat forum, but it's still not in real time and you don't need a special client. Access to this page with the most basic browser is enough. Lists (the created file) will be limited to a finite number of entries, so if it is used by a busy group, someone of the group having been away a short while could well miss some of the traffic. Creating your private message drop is easy and only requires an email confirmation. I think there is a need for such a simple but useful facility and will provide it for as long as it is not abused. Enter your phrase or word you used as a name for your message box and if it doesn't exist, you get the opportunity to either create it as new or enter a correct name. You will need to pass this phrase name to other folks you might want to share with, but remember that privacy is only as good as how many you pass this around to, or indeed they in turn pass it around to! RobH, always open to good ideas.

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